BIG BEAR HORROR and SCI-FI Film Festival announce workshops and non-competing films

The Big Bear Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival is clawing its way ever closer and we have some more news regarding its events and planning. Check out the news below.

Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival® Announces Presenters and Workshops for 2011 Weekend
BIG BEAR LAKE, CA – As if three days of watching horror and science fiction films weren’t reason enough to attend the Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival® , organizers have also lined up a series of workshops during the Festival Weekend designed to teach, entertain and inspire.
Drawing from various industry backgrounds including film production, screenwriting, journalism, music, special effects makeup, even the laws concerning filmmaking, the workshops offer something for everyone.
“The workshops have been a popular feature of the Festival in past years, and this year’s schedule of presenters is already generating buzz among Festival fans,” said Jamie Kristen, the festival’s director of logistics. The workshops are open to everyone, and are included in the price of the One, Two and All Access Passes. One-Day Passes include only workshops available for day of purchase. There are no workshops scheduled for Friday. Here is the 2011 lineup of Festival presenters and workshops:

Triage for Scripts: Sharing New Survival Tools for those of us crazy enough to go up against the famous quote: “Writers are the women of the film industry.”

Presenter: Victor Miller, author, original Friday The 13th (1980), Head Writer, All My Children.

“I have been reading other people’s screenplays (for free) for several years and, while I have never been accused of being an artist, I think, after 25 years in the business of turning out 5 hours of drama a week, I have become a really competent craftsperson.” This won’t be lecture-recitation but participatory.

Horror Business: Fangoria and Genre Journalism

Fangoria Magazine Editors Reflect on the Past, Present and Future of Horror’s #1 Magazine

Chris Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Fangoria Magazine
Kerry O’Quinn, Founder
Justin Beahm, Contributing Editor

Legal Secrets Every Filmmaker Needs to Know: Zerner Teaches the Law of Filmmaking

Presenter: Larry Zerner, Attorney at Law

Learn how to protect your script from being ripped off. This session will cover:

·         How to register with the Copyright Office.

·         The ins-and-outs of copyright infringement.

·         What to look for in a script option agreement.

·         What to look for in a script purchase agreement.

·         Protecting the title of your work.

·         How to avoid being sued for libel

The ABC’s of Producing a Sci-Fi Concept Short – The Story of “Project Arbiter”

Presenter: Vicki de Mey

Project Arbiter is a sci-fi espionage story about a soldier who has been tasked with infiltrating a Nazi villa in Poland during WWII to discover its mysterious operations using a prototype suit which can temporarily render its occupant invisible. Vicki will discuss some of the key elements that went into each stage of the production including financing, scheduling, finding cast and crew, visual effects (over 200 shots) and marketing.

The Ins and Outs of the Makeup Industry – Round Table Discussion

Presenter: Michael Westmore

Learn from an Academy Award-winning Special Effects Makeup legend.

The 13 Top Ten Film Scoring Blunders

Presenter: Harry Manfredini

What would any horror or science fiction movie be without pulse-pounding music to get those goose bumps going? Find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to scoring a film from this Hollywood veteran.

Reach for the Stars: A Practical Guide for Making Your Most Distant Dream Come True

Presenter: Kerry O’Quinn, Co-creator of Starlog, Fangoria, Cinemagic, Future Life, and Comics Scene magazines. With additional thoughts on success from those who’ve done it.


Dreams, Delirium and Death, Oh My:
Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival® Announces Special Screenings of Invited Films
BIG BEAR LAKE, CA – In addition to the films selected to compete in various categories at the Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival® starting at the end of this month, organizers are pleased to announce the films that have been invited for non-competitive screenings during the weekend.
Highlights of the carefully chosen movies include a new short written by BBHFF panelist and Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick; animation shorts by Festival staple and creative wizard Amit Tishler; and a feature from Bradley Scott Sullivan that demonstrates how volunteer work can be a real killer, to name a few. A listing of invited films (to date) is below.
·         Paralyzed. Produced by John Norris, Aaron Sims, and April Wade. Directed by Aaron Sims, Written by Jeffrey Reddick
·         Haxx, and Mage of the Gropetesque, Animated shorts by Amit Tishler
·         The Key to Annabelle Lee, Produced, Written and Directed by Staci Layne Wilson
·         I Didn’t Come Here to Die, Produced by Kim Waltrip. Written and Directed by Bradley Scott Sullivan
·         Show Me, Produced by Todd A. Sharp, Michelle Gardner. Directed by David Schneider. Written by Karl Herlinger.
Screenings are open to all audiences and are included with day, two-day and weekend passes to the Festival. For more information on the invited films, visit the Festival website.
About The Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival®

Founded in 2009, the Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival® is held annually in the mountains of Big Bear Lake, CA, to recognize excellence in the film genres of horror and science fiction. This year’s festival is scheduled for September 30th – October 2. Film submission deadlines have passed, but tickets are available for purchase for the three-day event. For more information on the workshops and to get tickets in advance (recommended), please visit the Festival’s official website at

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