Haunted U.S.A.: Arizona Part 2

Last week we only scratched the surface of the haunts in Arizona. This week we move away from Bisbee and travel into an area I am familiar with, Chandler.

Chandler High School

This is one of the oldest high schools in Arizona and one that I pass on many occasions. I didn’t personally go to this high school but many of my friends did. This high school still has one of the original buildings still standing and it has been named “The Old Main” building. Many teachers who have worked there for many years, have told stories of voices and sightings up on the second floor of “The Old Main”. One janitor still will not go up there after a frightening experience he encountered. I could not find any information on this particular fright, but it must have been an amazing experience.

With any old building you have to investigate the EMF in the area. If that is particularly high, then they may begin to have delusions of sightings and hearing things. However, since this is an old building, there is a good chance that this area is in fact haunted with spirits from individuals that had lost their lives. Always go in with an open mind, and if everything comes back normal, then you very well may have had a ghostly experience.

Casa Grande National Monument

The Arizona region as many know, is best known for the Native American Roots it contains. In this particular area, people have seen the spirits of an Indian Tribe conducting rituals. This building stands three stories tall atop a one story tall platform. There are windows in this structure along with holes that align up to see specific astronomical signs. It is also stated that if you walk, drive in this area late at night, a black mist will follow those that are in the desert.

When it comes to the Ancient Indians, I say it is hard to refute sightings. The Indians believed that the spirits lived on after death, so I can understand the sightings that were seen. The Hohokam Indians lived on this land from 200 B.C. to 1100 A.D. With all of the warriors killed along with individuals just passing away of old age, this area would be a hot bed for paranormal activity. I would still like to bring out the EMF detector along with video camera to try and catch something on video.

Arizona will continue next week with more stories from the Old West! Stay Tuned!

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