Horror Icon of The Month: JOE BOB BRIGGS

For the first Horror Icon of The Month article, it was a must to honor my hero and the best damn horror host ever! Joe Bob Briggs.


Joe Bob Briggs was the host of  two of the best (in my opinion) horror related shows ever. First was Drive-In Theater on The Movie Channel and second was of course Monstervision on TNT. I swear, this guy cracked me up and was just an amazing host. His love for films is uncanny and even to this day I value what he has to say.

On the surface, Joe Bob was perceived as beer-drinking trailer trash, but he intelligently discussed the actors, movie directors, plotlines and background of the movies he presented.Yet he never took himself too serious.

Truth be told, I named this website Truly Disturbing after his book Profoundly Disturbing, as a tribute to Joe Bob. In a way, Joe Bob is more influential to me than Elvira or the Crypt Keeper combined. Don’t get me wrong, those horror hosts are just great but nobody came close to Joe Bob’s wit,savvy,and down right hilarity.

I remember staying up all day and night watching his Friday the 13th marathons that lasted 24hrs. After watching his show one comes away understanding films a little more. He never overtly put down a movie…oh who am I kidding Joe Bob was blunt as hell but that made him great. He never apologized for what he had to say and if a film was “crap-ola” he would let ya be the first to know about it.

Here is an oath I took years ago and hope you take it too.

Joe Bob Briggs Drive-In Oath

We are Drive-In mutants
We are not like other people
We are sick
We are disgusting
We believe in blood
And breasts
And in beasts
If life had a vomit meter
We’d be off the scale
As long as one Drive-In remains
On the planet earth
We will party like jungle animals
We will boogey till we puke
The Drive-In will never die

Here is Joe Bob singing the Monstervision song….damn this brings back so many memories.

I remember when Joe Bob begged and pleaded to get Evil Dead premiered on cable for the first time and then finally got his wish. Oh it was a glorious night. Here watch it for yourself.


Sadly today, we find less and less horror hosts around. But I will never forget Joe Bob Briggs or what he did for the horror community. Joe Bob is still very much active and I hope to one day get an interview with him. So until then I will keep spear heading the “BRING JOE BOB BACK TO TV” campaign proudly. Hats off to you good buddy and thanks for the memories.

You can see what Joe Bob is up to at www.joebobbriggs.com

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