Comic Books: ZOMBIE A.C.R.E.S is sure to bring you some flesh eating fun

This is one comic book company that is sure to have bite!

We here at TrulyDisturbing, love us some zombies. In the morning, evening,night, whatever time of day really. So when news came to us about a company focusing on nothing BUT zombies?!…needles to say we were all ears.

Head writer for Zombie A.C.R.E.S is Josh Cook and he gave us a run down of what we could look forward to in the near future from his company.

What we are is a short story series that is turning into a comic company, with the goal of having two monthly books out by the end of next year. The first step in this is our AiZ: Alice in Zombieland series. AiZ is going to be an ebook story that will be released in October. There will also be a five part series sold through our online store at based on this ebook. “

“To really launch this series, I want to release a limited edition copy of AiZ #1 and sell it at ZomBcon in October. These will be limited and numbered to 200 copies and have a different cover than the reg, plus a special bonus story called Bruce Campbell vs The ACRES that will not be released anywhere else. I started a Kickstarter project, that is dying, to raise funds for this at and am looking to raise awareness for it so we can hit our goal.”
So go ahead kiddies, help out your fellow horror nut and donate!
Also be ready for a in depth interview with Josh in the weeks to come.

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