Truly Disturbing Headlines: Sushi sauce contained semen, woman’s lawsuit claims

Talk about secret sauce!

New York City

In a motion to dismiss a court case this week, we learn that a woman is suing Planet Sushi on the Upper West Side. Why? Because she thinks there was semen in the spicy sauce that came alongside a delivery order of tuna rolls. Per the filing:

somewhere around midnight, she received a take-out order of tuna rolls, with spicy sauce on the side, and that the spicy sauce was tainted with human bodily fluid, which she believes was semen. She states that she noticed something amiss upon first tasting the sushi, after having dipped a piece of the tuna roll into the sauce, and that she spit part of the roll out but swallowed about half of the bite.

In the suit the woman claims that she continues to “suffer physiological and psychological injuries,” and worst of all she can no longer eat sushi “which had been her favorite food.”

She had the sushi sent to a lab for testing: two results were inconclusive but one indicated the possible presence of bodily fluids. However, since she didn’t claim the rolls after six months, the lab threw them out. She claims to have some more in her freezer (though she has changed her story about this a couple of times), but Planet Sushi made a move to dismiss the case this week, based on the fact that the evidence had been destroyed. The judge refused to throw out the case, recommending that the remaining sauce be tested.

source: Eater NY

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