First details for LUCIFER’S ANGELS takes flight

Not a ll angels come from heaven indeed! This looks to be a crazy flick with very bold ambitions attached to it. Check out the details below.

It seems like over the past week or so, the subject of  Angels, Demons, God, and the Devil, are coming up more and more. Well, add Lucifer’s Angels to that list of religious themed movies, or do you?

Lucifer’s Angels is directed by Rick McDonald and stars Rick McDonald, Brian McDonald, Danny McDonald, Michael McDonald, Rick McDonald, Sr. (talk about a family affair), Kellie Michel, Jason Michel, Aris Bayizian, Vahan Bayizian, Mike Allocco, Anna Theodoratos, Shane de Guzman, and Brian Foss. Look for a teaser trailer later this week.

Check out the plot crunch from the official Lucifer’s Angels website.
Every so often an independent film will shock the film industry and take off to become a national hit. We at ATK Productions believe our film has that potential.

Lucifer’s Angels focuses on three different stories which become entangled into one as the movie progresses. A group of friends go on their first camping trip together in the Catskill Mountains. Also, a ghost hunter from New York City and his fiancee travel to the same mountains hoping to research and record any paranormal phenomenon. All of them unknowingly entering into a world of evil. Meanwhile a father and son who live in the eerie woods are forced to make life or death decisions.

The story progresses as some of the friends start mysteriously disappearing and wind up tortured and murdered in horrifying ways.

This is not your typical camping trip slasher film. It’s a psychologically terrifying homage to classic horror.

source: DreadCentral

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