Comic Books: Robert Kirkman “considering” WALKING DEAD: VOLUME ZERO

Are we ready to find out what happened in those early weeks between Lori and Shane of The Walking Dead?

TV Guide have revealed that not only are there plans in the second season of The Walking Dead to explore the relationship between Shane and Lori, but comic book creator and writer Robert Kirkman is also thinking of doing the same in the form of a graphic novel. This is sure to be exciting news for fans of the long running series. Here is an excerpt from the report.

Lori and Shane’s pre-zombiepocalypse life will be revealed this fall. “It was fun to step out of the zombie world and show Lori with a BlackBerry,” says Sarah Wayne Callies. “The scene underscores how deeply Lori and Shane love [her son] Carl, plus I hope it will finally put to bed the ridiculous rumors that an affair was going on before [Lori’s husband and Shane’s friend] Rick ‘died.'” Additionally, creator Robert Kirkman is considering penning a Dead graphic novel, “Volume Zero,” that would show just how the two went from grieving friends to lovers.

Should be pretty interesting, eh?

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