3 teaser trailers, poster, and synopsis for CAVEAT

source: DreadCentral

A husband and wife team from Pennsylvania, and they made a horror movie? Yeah count us in!

We got word about Caveat from our friends over at DreadCentral. Add to this the three new teaser trailers for the film and a pretty sweet synopsis, and we’re hooked!

Caveat is a psychological thriller that involves unsolved family tensions, mystery, and murder with a third act that shifts head-on into horror mode. It’s written and directed by Julie Ufema and Isaac Williams.

Five privileged sisters are forced to face a lifetime of resentment when returning home to claim their share of the family inheritance. With an ironclad will, the patriarch of the family grants his heirs the fortune necessary to protect their financial future. But who will be left to protect them from themselves?

The film stars Lindsay Goranson, Taylor Nicholson, Tabetha Ray, Kacie Marie, and Heather Howell O’Neill as the five embittered sisters.

For more, including a slew of production photos and additional poster art, visit the official Caveat website, “like” Caveat on Facebook, and follow Caveat on Twitter.


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