Phase 4 Films invites us to the HOUSE OF FALLEN

by: The HORROR Man      source: DreadCentral

This is one house you don’t want to spend the night at.

Heaven and Hell. Many thoughts come to mind(if ya believe in them that is) demons, angels,God, The Devil. One thing is for sure the dark has always fought the light and House of Fallen takes you even further into that on going battle.

Look for the flick, directed by Robert Stephens and starring Corbin Bernsen, C. Thomas Howell, and Richard Fullerton, in stores on August 23rd.

The Watchers, a group of fallen angels, walk amongst the earth disguised as humans, torturing their vessels. In the hunt for prophetic truth, three strangers are put on trial for their past sins and are forced to fight for survival in the face of an ancient evil. But in the war between Heaven and Hell, how do you kill what is already dead?


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